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It’s hard to believe the effectiveness of this treatment, especially given how simple it is. Why hadn’t I heard about it before?! Especially since it has been around since the 80’s!  Maybe people don’t realize that it’s a well-studied and amazing treatment and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Don’t expect a miracle cure. Like most lasting treatments, it takes time and effort on the patient’s part. and it takes skill on the practitioner’s part. I have heard from two people that they tried NAET with a different practitioner than mine and it didn’t make a big difference. That’s where Dr. Laurie comes in. She’s gifted. I don’t exaggerate.  Anyone who has worked with her for a few sessions doesn’t want to let go. What a gain for Nashville. Loss for me. This treatment changed my life. I came to Dr. Laurie, out of desperation, referred by a friend, after trying many medical and alternative treatments for Fibromyalgia, an elevated ANA and various food and air allergies that kept adding up. By session one I realized that the mysterious tender stomach I’d had for a year, that doctor’s couldn’t make sense of, was due to the coconut milk I had been using to replace dairy! Go figure.

When you have chronic health issues like me, it is amazing to find a doctor or a treatment that actually makes you better and it lasts!  After about 6 sessions of basic treatments I started to notice some differences on symptoms I’d had for years. But the most impactful change was about three months into it when I had a neck pain flare up from the Fibro. I had had that pain for 4 years and had used anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, therapy, pain killers, acupuncture, craniosacral, massage, and more. I couldn’t turn my neck past a point and couldn’t sleep sometimes because the pain would wake me up. I thought it was something I had to live with for the rest of my life as all these other treatments would only give me temporary relief.

But she cured it. Yes, she CURED it. On the fourth treatment focusing on the neck, it went away. I, of course expected it to come back, like with all the other treatments. But it didn’t. It’s been a year. God bless Dr. Laurie and NAET.
After that she treated many other things, my allergy to dust, hip pain, jaw pain, dry eye and many more.  But the neck pain being gone changed my life. I’ll be eternally grateful to Dr. Laurie and NAET.  


I am blown away by how much Emma has changed since you treated her for unresolved grief and resistance during her 15th NAET treatment for yeast. Emma has always been a pretty agreeable and peaceful child, but I noticed some time around her  12th - 14th treatment for glands, base and hormones she changed into a child I didn’t recognize. I thought maybe she was finally acting like the typical 3 year old. She became very possessive of me, more prone to tantrums and started complaining constantly. She even made NAET treatments difficult in the office and at home. After you treated her she is herself again. My husband who has been skeptical about the emotional connection with allergies has noticed the drastic change in her. Thank you, our child has returned!One more thing to add to my testimony “Young children cannot fake their emotions, rather they are full of raw emotions and don’t hold back what they feel. Knowing this I am amazed at how NAET is able to restore balance to an individual.”

Katie L.

I was referred to Dr Laurie about a year ago.  I had a serious condition with my elbow that caused the bursar sack to continuously fill with fluid.  I had to have it drained virtually every week.  After months of that, my specialist finally recommended that I have surgery to remove the bursar sack since no one could diagnose what was causing it.  When I went to Dr Laurie, she felt confident that between acupuncture and NAET that she could help me avoid the surgery.

I have been seeing natural-path doctors and kinesiologists for over a decade but I had never heard of NAET.  I was a bit skeptical of what it could do at first, but I am now amazed at its power.  Dr Laurie helped the fluid build up reduce significantly from my elbow after one treatment, and completely disappear after about 5 treatments.  I have not had any issue with it since.

After that amazing result, I have continued with regular treatments and she has helped me significantly with my chronic digestive issues and my overall energy levels.  She is so valuable to me and my family that we will be traveling from our home in Dallas to Austin to receive treatments from her when she moves there.  
She is amazing!

Marc A.

After years of seasonal allergy misery, which often resulted in painful sinus infections, I reluctantly began NAET treatments with you in the Spring of 2008. Initially skeptical, I had tried everything else related to Western medicine, with little relief. After only a few treatments, I found almost immediate relief. I did participate with the first "15" that Dr. N. recommends, with the additional of personal allergies such as smoke and wood. What a difference these treatments have made to my quality of life! I have had little or no reaction to most environmental allergies that previously brought me to my knees! I would highly recommend that anyone who has not been successful with 'traditional' allergy remedies!

Laura S.
Dallas, TX

After year and a half of multiple trips to different dermatologist clinics , ointments, medicines, and six months of three times a week phototherapy, my intense eczema was the same.  Until, by coincidence I met Laurie Powell, who as soon as she saw my hands offer to help assuring me that she could heal me with NAET treatment. At first, I doubt it because I thought I had tried everything. But here I am now, without any eczema symptoms!

In top of that she has helped me with vertigo, balance problems and cognitive functioning. My quality of life has improved a 150%, and I am totally grateful, recommend her to everybody in Austin, TX without any doubt.

Alejandro D.

I have been under Dr Laurie's care for allergies as well as pain. Since I have been under her care I have had vast improvements in both areas. She takes the time to get to the root cause of the pain unlike other practitioners who treat the symptoms rather than the cause. I highly recommend her services to all, she is one who truly cares about her patients and their well being.

Bryan D.

I wanted to share some great news about what's been happening to me recently as a result of the NAET treatments I've had with you: I was working as an Analyst stuck in the same job I hated for the last 12 years. Even though all my friends had been promoted, or moved on to other roles and companies, I just could not bring myself to make the move to change jobs. Thanks to NAET, I realized one of my big challenges was my "fear of change." That fear was paralyzing me from making any kind of move. About 2 months after I finished the NAET emotional treatments, I got a job as a senior Group Manager in a large company, making $45,000 more, with more free time, and doing work that I love!! I can't BELIEVE how fast things changed for me and how easy I was with the whole process. I can't thank you enough for changing my life completely!! I feel like I'm truly living my potential and I have you to thank for that.

A. S.

My name is B.G., I am 31 years old. Much of my life I have suffered from unexplained illnesses. In my early childhood I was frequently sick with stomach viruses, nausea, rashes, bowel problems, bladder infections, and unexplained fevers. As a young adult I started to develop aches and pains in my joints and severe pain in my neck and shoulders. In my early twenties after childbirth my health started to rapidly decline. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and fibroid tumors and had to undergo two surgeries. My first surgery was in 2005, and the second surgery was in 2006. I continued to have extreme abdominal pain and in 2007 I had a full Hysterectomy. I was told that after the surgery that I would feel better and the abdominal pain would go away after the recovery. To my disappointment, my health only got worse. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease and took the Iodine Radiation Uptake and was put on hormone replacement to help regulate my thyroid. During this time I had almost little to no energy and often had unexplained fevers. Three months later I had to have my tonsils removed due to constant infections from strep throat and severely enlarged tonsils. The recovery from the surgery was very difficult because I developed an infection.

I started to suffer from severe hot flashes, rapid heart rate, heart palpitations, night sweats, mood swings, and depression after the hysterectomy due to lack of natural hormones. This made my life very miserable and hard to function on a daily basis. My lack of energy, increased nausea, and abdominal pain only seemed to get worse. I continued to see doctors and was given pain medication, acid reflux medication. One doctor told me that that the pain I was experiencing was Psychosomatic. I was very frustrated because I knew what I was experiencing was real and not just in my head! In 2009 I had reached a point that I was literally in bed most of the days with extreme pain. I vomited after most my meals or was in the bathroom before I could even finish my meals. I constantly had a low grade fever and had stabbing pain in my upper abdomen that radiates to my back along with severe pain in my legs and joints. I had stopped going to the doctors because there was nothing that they would do to help me and I didn’t want to hear how they thought it was just “in my head”.

In May 2009 my Mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and I quickly attempted to put all my personal and medical issues aside to care for her full time. On December 30, 2009 I stood next to her as she took her last breath. I knew I was very sick myself during that time but, I was just trying to help all my family get through our recent loss of my Mother. Shortly after her funeral, I was completely unable to tolerate any food at all. I could not hold anything down and suffered from extreme nausea. The pain in my upper and lower abdominal area was so severe one day I couldn’t even walk. I was taken in to the E.R. and was admitted for pancreatitis in February of 2010. I was there over a week and then readmitted only three days later. I was sent to another hospital to have an endoscopic ultrasound which revealed sludge in my gallbladder. I then was taken into yet another surgery to have it removed.

I was told again that after this surgery and recovery I would feel better and the abdominal pain would go away. Not to my surprise, one week later after I was sent home from the operation. I was back in the E.R. with the same extreme pain. I was again admitted with pancreatitis! At this point my GI doctor was puzzled as to why I continued having pain and wanted to diagnose me with idiopathic pancreatitis. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low and sugar levels were so low they had to put in an NG tube in my small intestine for nutrition. It was at that point that my GI doctor decided to take my suggestion of testing me for gluten sensitivity after seeing the damage to my intestines.

As it turned out, I did in fact have Celiac Disease. I started immediately on a gluten free diet. I felt like all the years off pain and unexplained illnesses had finally had been validated. It was the beginning of the first of many answers to my poor health throughout the years. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it. Only a few months later I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I was placed on steroids and hydroxychloroquine drug therapy to help control the flares up pain and fever. After several months of this I again started to experience bouts of pancreatitis. I was scheduled to see a GI specialist for a sphincterotomy. At this point I was very apprehensive about yet another surgery. Due to all the previous surgeries that promised results that left me with no true solution to my never ending health issues.

I was introduced to N.A.E.T. towards the end of 2010. I was a bit skeptical about the process but, I felt open to trying something different that didn’t involve medicine and surgery. I have had several treatments over the last year with Dr. Laurie Allan at Grassroots Acupuncture. I am very pleased to say that because of Dr. Laurie Allan and the N.A.E.T. treatments I have my life and health back! All my lab work now reveals major health improvement. My last visit with my Rheumatologist was a success! I am off all drugs therapies for the MCTD and my thyroid medication has been decreased; I am off all nausea and pain medication too. My Rheumatologist is making a correction to my medical record to change the diagnosis of MCTD to secondary symptoms from Celiac Disease. I am not scheduled to see the GI or Rheumatologist for a checkup visit until October 2012.

If I were to submit all my medical records during my short life span you would be amazed at how many boxes they could fill. I have given a very brief testimonial of my medical history here. If I were to include my personal life and emotional experiences that may turn into several novels. I can’t tell you how happy I am to truly find a solution that can correct all my health, emotional, and environmental issues!! N.A.E.T. works without a doubt in my mind and I am overjoyed to be a successful patient of Dr. Laurie Allan. Her love, time and dedication for making a difference in people’s lives is truly a blessing to my life and this universe!

Austin, Texas

I don’t even know where to begin! I have been seeing Laurie for the past 7 years and every trial and tribulation I have gone through, she has been there with me. I started seeing her because stress had caused me to develop food allergies. Western medicine doctors had told me the only thing wrong with me was that i had acid reflux and wanted me to be on medication to manage it. The medication didn’t fully work and i didn’t like the idea of just managing the symptoms- i wanted to fix the cause of my issues. Laurie helped me to work though through allergies on a physical, chemical and emotional level and got me back to a place where food was no longer the enemy and I was better able to manage my stress levels. Since then, Laurie has been through so much with me and she has been such an amazing source of support, I’m not sure how i would have managed without her. Laurie is a very amazing listener and always make each client feel as if their issues are important, real and fixable. She’s not only an acupuncturist, she’s also my therapist and friend.

Meaghan e.

I woke up on Wednesday with a sore throat. Within a half an hour my head started pounding and shortly after that I started shivering uncontrollably. I felt like I was hit by a freight train.  My husband took me straight to a clinic where I tested positive for the flu.  I was a little perplexed because I knew Laurie had treated me for the flu. Ironically, I had an appt that day with Laurie. I of course canceled because I was definitely contagious. My husband also had an appt and the minute he walked in Laurie said “Debbie only cleared 50% and you cleared 40% on the flu treatment from last week”.  She had not gotten my message because she had left her phone home that day. Laurie treated my husband for the flu right then and there and gave him a flu vial to take home for me. She told me to spit in a jar and buzz my points holding both for 25 hours. I did it religiously! I woke up on Thursday with absolutely no aches and no fever. I felt like I had a head cold.  When I left the clinic the doctor told me that I would get really bad for two days and then start feeling better. Well, NAET proved her wrong! It is Friday now and I am free of the flu. Thanks to NAET I only lost one day laying in bed!

Debbie R.

This is the first testimonial I have ever written. I am compelled to do so in hopes it can help others.  I have been seeing Laurie nearly 5 years.  During this time period we have successfully treated lots of issues.  The particular issue that I am writing about is Ulcerative Colitis and the related inflammatory issues associated with it.  I was probably Laurie’s greatest skeptic when we started but after nearly 30 years of traditional medical treatment, and countless $ spent on massive amounts of medications, I was open to trying something new.  Over the course of a year, she utilized muscle testing and NAET to discover numerous items causing the inflammation and internal bleeding.  We treated each cause individually during that time frame.  I started seeing improvement within the first few months to the point where I went off all medication after 1 year.  The real test came when I had my annual colonoscopy, approximately 3 months after stopping medication.  My doctor (who has been treating me over the last 30 years) noticed a marked improvement in comparison to the previous colonoscopy.  He is an open minded physician and friend so I told him what I was doing.  His comment was whatever it is keep it up but I still want to see you in a year.  Not only did the next colonoscopy show no active inflammation, it also showed healing to some of the previously damaged intestinal lining.  I had some benign polyps removed, but for the first time in 26 years, he said we can skip a year.  The next colonoscopy showed no polyps or inflammation and more areas healed.  We got to skip another year.  I just had the 2 year colonoscopy and the pathology just came in. They are now calling it complete remission with a small amount of previous scarring.  I go back in another 2 years thanks to Laurie!

L. R.

Ever since I could remember, I've had an allergic reaction to cats. Within minutes of coming close to them or entering a house that had indoor cats, my eyes would start watering, they would become irritated and red and I just could not stop sneezing. It was a pain in the butt growing up, because my younger brother loved cats and had a couple of stray cats that he semi adopted at our home, I could not stand them because of my allergies. When I started dating my girlfriend one of the initial things that came up when I was "courting" her was if I liked cats! Like any man would agree with me when courting a lovely lady for the first time you agree and go above and beyond to impress them, So I said YES! however in the back of my mind I knew that within minutes of meeting her cat I would start with my annoying allergies and it would be game over. I never did meet her cat but when we moved in together, she learned of my allergies and opted to send her cat to live with her parents. I knew that she LOVED cats and wanted to show her that I could too. So at one of my NAET acupuncture appointments with Dr. Laurie, I thought, I wonder if it would be weird if I asked her if NAET would help out with allergies to cats. Being an acupuncture virgin I didn't know how far or how powerful NAET could be. She quickly responded and explained to me how it could benefit me with my cat allergies and asked me if I'd like to do a session and I said what the heck. After the session and not really knowing if it worked or not, since I didn't have a cat and was not around cats. This past Valentine's Day I decided to give my girlfriend a cat as a gift. I thought to myself well either I am cured of my cat allergies or I am not and I just put myself in a lifetime of agony. Not knowing what the outcome would be, my girlfriend asked me several times are you sure about this, you know you have horrible allergies. Long story short, we rescued an adorable cat, which we named Guinness, who has become my best friend. I never thought I would say this but I actually love having my cat around. He jumps on the bed in the mornings and takes naps on my chest when I am lounging around at home. NO allergies, NO watery eyes, NO sneezing & NO irritations whatsoever. The only thing that I can attribute this positive outcome to is NAET! I haven't done anything different in my day to day life nor do I take any allergy medication. NAET is an amazing process that I've been introduced to and highly recommend it to ANYONE that is wanting to treat an allergy or like myself wonders if it would treat something! Dr. Laurie Powell has a unique style of explaining everything to you and how NAET works in order to ease your curiosity and put you in a relaxed state of mind that will allow anyone to reap the benefits of NAET in your life.

Monico P.
Dallas, TX

Laurie is a great healer, and a wonderful generous human being too. She not only helped my husband from chronic difficult health issues, but in the process she helped me with the stress about it.I've been suffering for years from digestive problems and vertigo. For each of them I went with different specialists and healers but none of them were able to help me. Since I started seeing her I've began to feel better and now I am over my digestive issues , and almost over my vertigo. And she did it with care, empathy, joy, and in a way that I even enjoyed the process. She always takes the time to explain with detail what she is doing and to respond any question. She has so much knowledge!! And when she is not sure about the way to go, she even takes the time and effort to consult with her mentor. She has been a blessing to my family, and I do recommend her to everybody.I will always be thankful for her.

Marcela D.

I have seen Laurie for two years now. I started because my best friend was relentlessly telling me that Acupuncture and NAET could help me with most of the medical problems I'd been having. Once I learned what NAET was I was quite skeptical, I must admit, but as I said, my friend clearly had a lot of faith in Laurie, and persisted on the matter. I noticed a difference right away. I use to be habitually sick, but as a trained dancer I have little time for rest. She isolated the issue, treated it, and I have since had no more ongoing illness. That was just the beginning. She treated everything from life long issues to acute ones, with overwhelming success. Within a year she managed to successfully treat insomnia, allergies, weight, habitual injuries to specific areas of my body, cut healing time/pain for said injuries in half, and help me manage emotional distress from my past. Moreover, she did it with more bedside manner and discretion than I have ever experienced. In short- Dr. Laurie Allen has made more of a difference in my life in just two short years than the bevy of Dr's I've seen my entire life combined! It's amazing to me to think if I had found her sooner, I could have skipped the childhood full of unknown illnesses. Either way, I am thankful to her for her vast amount of patience and personal care. I think the one thing that sets her apart from most medical practitioners is that she is far from desensitized... she truly cares about her patients and wants nothing more than to help them find a better quality of life. I think there is nothing more important you could ask for from a Doctor than that.

Natasha K.
Addison, TX

I have been going to Laurie Allan for various issues for a few years. She is so easy to talk to, even with the most embarrassing issues. I actually enjoy connecting with her so much that I look forward to my visits. She can actually feel the energy that flows through our bodies. She often will notice a problem that I hadn’t yet mentioned to her. There have been issues that I was surprised that she was able to help. The body is an amazing thing and she is an amazing individual who can help. One particular big issue for me was that I was having problems with bladder control. My Doctor informed me that the surgery only fix part of my problem. I tried several prescriptions and have not been successful at fully resolving the problem. After a few treatments Laurie has managed to resolve my issue.

Addison, Texas

I would like to share the successful treatment using NAET of an emotion that had caused me suffering for most of my life.  I have always felt a need to talk to my son (he is 32 and I am 62) every day day or two otherwise I feel a sense of disconnection, loneliness and abandonment.  Theses feeling create an unfair burden on my son to 'take care of me'.  After treatment by Dr Laurie Powell for these feelings for the first time that I can remember I was able to go for days without feeling I 'needed' to connect with my son to feel ok. I felt a sense of peace that I had never experienced before. I could feel that It allowed our relationship to evolve to a new healthier level where I didn't feel the need to be supported by him and he therefore didn't feel an obligation to take care of me.  It has been a big factor in our enhancing and improving our relationship.

This is just one example of the many, many ways that NAET treatment has helped me emotionally to be more at peace in my life and in the world!

Michael K.

I was referred to Dr Laurie about a year ago.I had a serious condition with my elbow that caused the bursar sack to continuously fill with fluid. I had to have it drained virtually every week. After months of that, my specialist finally recommended that I have surgery to remove the bursar sack since no one could diagnose what was causing it. When I went to Dr Laurie, she felt confident that between acupuncture and NAET that she could help me avoid the surgery. I have been seeing natural-path doctors and kinesiologists for over a decade but I had never heard of NAET. I was a bit skeptical of what it could do at first, but I am now amazed at its power. Dr Laurie helped the fluid build up reduce significantly from my elbow after one treatment, and completely disappear after about 5 treatments. I have not had any issue with it since. After that amazing result, I have continued with regular treatments and she has helped me significantly with my chronic digestive issues and my overall energy levels. She is so valuable to me and my family that we will be traveling from our home in Dallas to Austin to receive treatments from her when she moves there. She is amazing!

Treatments Offered

Functional Medicine

The goal of functional medicine is to determine what the underlying cause of your disease is and address resolving root issues to alleviate associated symptoms.  It is an individualized approach to disease.


Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques also known as NAET®, are a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities.


This type of healing medicine is over 2000 years old and is based on an energetic model rather than the biochemical model of western medicine.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs are the use of botanical medicinal properties to support the treatment of your condition.


Cupping employs the use of negative pressure through a cup via heat or a vacuum.


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"I have seen tremendous changes in my mental and physical wellbeing after starting NAET therapy a little over three years ago. I owe all of this improvement to Laurie who in my opinion is a MIRACLE WORKER."
Ashley S.

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